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Andrew T. Walker is an Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Rhetoric v. Substance

Robert Parham from has a proposal for healthcare reform: Get it Passed! Filled with rhetorically charged missives which casts healthcare opponents as bourgeoisie and “individualistic,” Parham, who myopically makes no mention of abortion mandates, reduces the argument between the...

/ March 19, 2010

Healthcare and the Rule of Law

Finally, the healthcare debate—at least one part of the debate—is being argued appropriately: around First Principles. The manner in which the Obama Administration is wishing to deliver on a campaign promise is startling. No less than bypassing standard procedure and...

/ March 19, 2010

European (un)Exceptionalism

While I agree with Matthew Anderson’s critique of Lowry and Ponnuru’s article on American Exceptionalism in the latest issue of National Review, I do not believe the article is without merit and applause. Aside from mishandling the items Matt suggested, the...

/ March 7, 2010

Every Ten Year Old’s Dream

Via my brother, but it’s so awesome it needs to be posted here as well.

/ March 6, 2010

Avant Garde Education

Education without ethos is simply unsustainable given the indefatigable impulse toward rogue individualism. As was once said of conservative philosopher Russell Kirk, “if you stand still long enough, soon or later your avant garde,” so can be said of my...

/ February 15, 2010

Jesus is a Warrior, but not a Cagefighter

Son of God. Prince of Peace. Son of Man. Cagefighter? While the first three masculine titles given to our Lord Jesus are biblical and sufficient enough to express the wonder of Jesus, the last title seems to be ever-more increasingly...

/ February 3, 2010

Henry was Right, but so was Kuyper

A recent article by Fuller Seminary president Richard Mouw has once again awakened the curious and troublesome topic of Christian political ethics. Without summarizing the entire article, I think it important to address the talking points Mouw takes up. In...

/ February 2, 2010

The Subtle Promotion of Death

To mark the occasion—for some a highly anticipated (and caloric) event, and for some, more forgettable—why not bring Christian reflection to the Super Bowl? The Internet, blogosphere, and news networks are abuzz with the current Tim Tebow Abortion Commercial Controversy—coming...

/ February 1, 2010