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Andrew T. Walker is an Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Russell Moore on the Uneasy Evangelical Conscience

Dr. Russell Moore of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has written the most lucid and judicious piece on the tragedy of the BP Oil Spill—anywhere. No secular media source has as accurately captured the importance of culture and creation as...

/ June 1, 2010

The “Church” & Politics

Justin Taylor, on his blog, has quoted a very helpful and thoughtful clarifying statement from John Murray on the interplay between the church and politics, but more particularly about how Christians go about doing politics as Christians and also as...

/ May 21, 2010

Lord, Save Us from Poorly Made Documentaries

I tend to view myself as a charitable individual. And, as one well-entrenched in the evangelical culture, I find it important to listen whenever individuals (attempt) to offer substantive critiques meant to put evangelicals back on the right path. So,...

/ May 18, 2010

Constitutional Morass

Aaron Weaver, The Big Daddy Weave, in a recent post, accused Southern Seminary President Albert Mohler of peddling a false bill of goods to his readers: “selling fear and actively pushing this persecuted Christian identity,” as Weaver puts it. How...

/ May 7, 2010

Can Atheism be Legal?

Aside from its free-verse eccentricity and its spiteful, disrespectful tone (referring to any theistic belief simply as “religious hocus pocus”), Marc Cooper’s opinion column in today’s L.A. Times is, well, misleading. And I say this not solely on the basis...

/ May 4, 2010

Catholic Obligation and Healthcare

What must Catholics believe on Healthcare Reform? The above is an excellent article making the case for how liberal democracy’s case for “rights”-based healthcare does not necessitate government intervention.

/ April 13, 2010

Belgium, Burkas, and National Identity

Belgium is on pace to become the first European country to officially (and indirectly) ban the essence of conservative Islamic female identity: the Burka, according to this article in the UK’s Daily Mail. Of course, the legislation is not worded to...

/ April 1, 2010

Healthcare and Twitterverse

Aside from watching the whole debacle play out last night, my computer screen was toggling in between Twitter and Facebook. Hunter Baker had a few of my personal favorites from Twitter: “Bart Stupak is now eating that bowl of stew. Birthright...

/ March 22, 2010


A wise word and by word, I mean “Tweet” from everyone’s favorite Southern Baptist sage, Dr. Russell Moore: “If your passions are more provoked today by this health care plan than they were yesterday by your neighbors going to hell:...

/ March 21, 2010

David Frum and Talk-Radio Conservatives

David Frum has a very interesting response to today’s legislative defeat. In brief, Frum assumes that Republicans (and Conservatives) failed to consider the differences between the 1994 Clinton healthcare initiative and today’s overwhelmingly Democratic majority. His response? Republicans should have...

/ March 21, 2010