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Iraq Voting

You know that the voting in Iraq on Sunday was a success because even NPR was lauding it. Yesterday afternoon on the left-leaning news show “All Things Considered” two interviewees both were excited that the voting was positive. One was...

/ February 1, 2005

Plato’s Euthyphro versus Aristophanes’ The Clouds

It’s nice to be blogging again! Greek and Roman philosophy are on my mind… Plato’s Euthyphro recounts the conversation Socrates had with Euthyphro, a religious leader, just before his trial. It comes out that this man is also awaiting a...

/ January 21, 2005

Plato’s “Republic” in Aristotle’s “Politics”

In the third book of Aristotle’s Politics, he sets forth his ideal government. In order to find the best one, he informs the reader that he will exposit and reject several theories by other prominent philosophers. He begins, naturally, with...

/ July 16, 2004

Required Education: It Lasts Too Long

In 1575 Michel de Montaigne said, “The boy we would breed has a great deal less time to spare; he owes but the first fifteen or sixteen years of his life to education; the remainder is due to action”. We...

/ April 20, 2004