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  • Don Ferguson

    With all due respect, what saddens me is not your zeal for Christ, but your lack of acknowledgement for the Orthodox Church, a Church with 2000 years of history and consistent Patristic teaching over the centuries. Apologetics outside the teaching of the Church are subject to misinterpretation, as evidenced by the hundreds of different evangelical denominations. Scripture interpretations outside the Church are prone to error. This does not mean we should not read the Holy Scriptures for ourselves – we Orthodox are instructed to read daily from the Gospels, epistles, and Old Testament, and our services are full of scriptures. But, they need to be realized to their fullness in the Orthodox Church. I urge you to study your Church history back to the apostles. There is an extensive paper trail that is broad and rich. You will find your apologetics have a firm foundation, not just in Scripture, but Scriptures as lived out over the centuries in the Church. Then when you respond to questions of faith, you will realize and appreciate the firm foundation you stand on, not merely your and your denominations’ interpretation. It requires much humility and prayer.
    Thank you
    Don Ferguson