Month: October 2022

Sex Ed as the Leading Edge of the Revolution

Families and churches relinquished control over sex ed to public schools in the early 1970s. Now families and churches are reaping the whirlwind. Initially, at least, public schools assumed control over sex ed to stop the spread of sexually transmitted...

/ October 5, 2022

The Search for a Christian Nation: Christian Nationalism and the American Founding

“Christian Nationalism” and the Appeal to History Is America a Christian nation—or was it ever? This vexed question, debated for decades, has been given a new lease on life by the heated and sometimes obsessive conversation around so-called “Christian nationalism”...

/ October 4, 2022

When Permanent Contraception Can Be Licit

Alex and Sarah are Christians who have been married for five years. They have 2 children and would like to have more. However, they feel called to adopt as the route to parenting more children. Their only hesitation is that...

/ October 3, 2022