Month: February 2022

Modern (Psycho)Social Imaginaries: Towards a Taylorian Critique of Pop-Psychology

Do we really need another essay about Charles Taylor? I think so. What I am interested in briefly exploring here is how Taylor’s work, specifically in A Secular Age, can help us understand the draw people feel towards pop psychology...

/ February 8, 2022

C. S. Lewis on Evangelism and Beauty with Randy Newman

Randy Newman is Senior Fellow for Evangelism and Apologetics at the C.S. Lewis Institute in the Washington D.C. area. Randy is the author of several books including Mere Evangelism which is the basis of the following interview. Mere Evangelism: 10...

/ February 4, 2022

Masks, Mercy, and Measure for Measure

Masks have made the slippery concept of “virtue-signaling” oddly literal. The virtues of care and the safety of others or freedom and individual liberty now can be visibly signaled simply by wearing or abstaining from a mask. Mundane tasks like...

/ February 3, 2022

Revisiting the Sacrifice of Isaac

J. Richard Middleton. Abraham’s Silence: The Binding of Isaac, The Suffering of Job, and How to Talk Back to God. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2021. 272pp, $26.99. Did Abraham pass the test in Genesis 22? And does it matter for how...

/ February 2, 2022

The Case for Rearranging the Old Testament Books

The ordering of the books in our English Bible is standard, if not universal―seemingly set in stone, even. But that order actually embodies a break with the wisdom and practice that came before. For many years, the Old Testament was...

/ February 1, 2022