Month: February 2021

Missiology After Liberalism

Christians concerned with contextualizing the gospel (i.e. thinking and living missionally) should consider the liabilities of the culture and society they inhabit. The excesses and vulnerabilities of various cultures are places where the gospel should come to bear. In western...

/ February 10, 2021

Faith Lost and Found in “Ad Astra”

In his 2006 Wired essay, “The Church of the Non-Believers,” journalist Gary Wolf coined the term “New Atheists” to describe the intellectual movement inaugurated by a quartet of thinkers who pressed for a militant revival of Neo-Darwinism in the wake...

/ February 9, 2021

Called to Judgment: A Critical Review of “Fratelli Tutti”

Like a prophetic denunciation from the days of ancient Israel, the Covid-19 pandemic has come upon our self-absorbed and decadent civilization like a bolt from the blue, throwing into sharp relief the follies and fault-lines in our moral thinking and...

/ February 9, 2021
Mere Fidelity

The Beatitudes

With all four of the Mere Fidelity crew on mic, the theological insights fly fast and furious as they take up the discussion of the Beatitudes. Highlights of this episode include: What is a blessing? What are the two kinds...

/ February 9, 2021

From Death to Life: A Theological Reflection on Marilynne Robinson’s Jack

In one sense, Marilynne Robinson’s Jack is a simple love story, one complicated by the harsh realities of Jim Crow, but still at bottom the beautifully quaint tale of how Jack Boughton and Della Miles met and fell in love...

/ February 4, 2021

Tuning is for Killjoys

More than ever, we need a subversive history of music. We need it both to subvert the staid accounts that misrepresent the past as well as to grasp the subversive quality inherent in these catalytic sounds in our own time....

/ February 3, 2021

Critical Race Theory Isn’t a Threat for Presbyterians

The broader evangelical world is currently in turmoil over how to evaluate Critical Race Theory. In fact, six Southern Baptist seminary presidents signed a statement declaring Critical Race Theory to be incompatible to the non-binding doctrinal standards of their denomination.

/ February 3, 2021
Mere Fidelity

Vaccine Ethics, with Dr. C. Ben Mitchell

There are so many questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. Are they safe? Are they ethical? Do they work?  In this episode, Matt, Derek, and Alastair ask the really burning questions really well, and the guest gives really good and insightful...

/ February 2, 2021