Month: February 2021

Mere Fidelity

Beatitudes: “Poor in Spirit”

In the second part of the Mere Fidelity discussion of the Beatitudes, Matt, Alastair, and Derek tackle the first bombshell that Jesus drops: Blessed are the poor in spirit. There’s a strong urge in most of us to spiritualize the...

/ February 26, 2021
Mere Fidelity

‘Bavinck: A Critical Biography,’ with Dr. James Eglinton

Dr. James Eglinton from the University of Edinburgh joins us to discuss the great theologian Herman Bavinck. Dr. Eglinton just released Bavinck: A Critical Biography. The conversation ranges from a deep exploration of Bavinck’s polymathic tendencies to the very basics...

/ February 20, 2021

Explainer: Three Strategies for Family Policy Reform

Pity the poor tax code. Its drab cells and spreadsheets can’t bear the amount of moral weight we bring to bear on it. Whether, or how, to provide benefits to parents immediately raises all sorts of questions about the dignity...

/ February 18, 2021

Surprised by Suffering: God’s Megaphone to Technocratic Man

A year into this pandemic, I think back to my earliest reflections on what God might be doing through it. These were largely sidelined as a result of the aftermath of the death of George Floyd and the chaos surrounding...

/ February 17, 2021

Book Review: “The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self” by Carl Trueman

As befits a historian, Carl Trueman has written his impressive book on the ‘sexual revolution’ (SR) as being largely a history of ideas. This history is built of two components. The first element is largely framed in terms of contemporary...

/ February 15, 2021

A Game About Grace and Weakness

J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories began as gifts to his children, with the adventures of Bilbo told at bedtime. My husband, Alexi, and I have tried to follow in his footsteps, albeit in a different genre. We co-wrote a role-playing game, Back...

/ February 14, 2021

Senator Rubio’s Work

To this day one of my favorite jobs I’ve ever had was a retail gig I had for about a year after college. It was at a small neighborhood liquor store owned by a family that’d been in the neighborhood...

/ February 12, 2021

Book Review: Orthodox Anglican Identity by Charles Erlandson

“To be an Anglican is to talk about what it means to be an Anglican.”[1] This has certainly been the case so far in the twenty-first century, with no fewer than four books on the subject published in the past...

/ February 11, 2021

Kafka in Heaven: “Soul” and the After Life as Bureaucracy

Once seen as over-reliant on sequels and prequels, Pixar seem to have hit their stride of originality again. Following last year’s Onward, Soul has been hailed as a return to form. The film’s worldbuilding, however, is not especially original. It...

/ February 11, 2021

Dr. Trueman’s Hauerwasian Turn

“My wish is that this book might help Christians rediscover that their most important social task is nothing less than to be a community capable of hearing the story of God we find in the scripture and living in a...

/ February 10, 2021