Month: April 2020

To Help Persecuted Christians the U.S. Needs to Freeze the Buhari Regime’s Stolen Funds

Six years ago, in 2014, the Isle of Jersey managed to seize over $300 million dollars in embezzled funds from the grip of the warlord and notorious human rights violator General Sani Abacha, who had previously ruled Nigeria with an...

/ April 29, 2020

The Case for Donating Your Stimulus Check

During a pandemic, it always feels dark. Many future unknowns await us. But we can learn from an unknown Jewish prisoner who penned this line in a poem he wrote within his concentration camp cell.

/ April 29, 2020

Why Is Anglicanism a Gateway to Catholicism?

By M. H. Turner If you have been an Anglican in North America for more than a decade or two, there is an experience you have almost certainly had. You have known someone who got up one day and jumped...

/ April 28, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“The Care of Souls,” with Dr. Harold Senkbeil

Amidst life’s demands and pastoral burnout, how does a pastor care for a soul? Dr. Harold Senkbeil joins Matt and Derek to discuss his recent book, The Care of Souls: Cultivating a Pastor’s Heart, where he invites a new generation...

/ April 28, 2020

Clash of Idols

The connection between political life and idolatry will not be evident to everyone, but it definitely exists, especially within the various ideological visions vying for influence in the corridors of power. An idol is a surrogate god—something to which we...

/ April 27, 2020

The Importance of Political Theology

Western societies are at something of a paradoxical moment in which it feels as though our politics is captive to cynicism and naiveté in equal parts. Everyone else has a “hidden agenda.” Everyone else believes everything they hear. Everyone else...

/ April 24, 2020

What the Coronavirus Reveals: An Invitation to American Evangelicals Who Have Been Quoting that C.S. Lewis Essay

The argument of this essay is simple. I want to invite Christians, particularly American evangelicals, to a new consideration of how the coronavirus might cause them to rethink what kind of healthcare policy ought to mark a flourishing society. I...

/ April 23, 2020

Earth Day 2020: Toward a Humane Environmentalism

Earth Day has become a political Rorschach test. Whether the mention of this day summons images of pagans dancing naked around a flowery meadow or kids cleaning up plastic around the school yard depends on which way someone leans in...

/ April 22, 2020
Mere Fidelity

“Politics After Christendom,” with Dr. David VanDrunen

What kind of political theology do we need in an age after Christendom? Dr. David VanDrunen joins Matt and Derek to discuss his latest book, Politics After Christendom: Political Theology in a Fractured World, where he aims to answer this...

/ April 21, 2020

An Individual Paradise is Not Enough: How Our Contagious World Aches for A Cosmic Hope

Our world feels contaminated with disease. And yet, precisely in light of this contagion, perhaps we can learn more about the breadth and depth of Christian resurrection hope. Indeed, our cultural imagination may be more in tune to a reality...

/ April 20, 2020