Month: October 2019

Happy Reformation Day, or, How Melanchthon Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jesus

Obviously, everyone should celebrate Reformation Day. At this point, even the Church of Rome has surreptitiously attempted to take on board many of the Reformation’s emphases, albeit in impure form and without the necessary dogmatic changes—er, development[1]—that would allow her...

/ October 31, 2019

An Intercourse with Ghosts: The Unabomber, Irony, and Terror

1. To write about Theodore J. Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, is to sit for a moment with the ghosts of his victims peering over your shoulder. The dead and the maimed, both. Just as much as you try to...

/ October 31, 2019

Guide Us Home: A Review of On the Road with Saint Augustine

George Harrison’s final album Brainwashed opens with a joyful anthem to the possibilities of the road. Whimsical ukulele jangles and burnished slide guitar snakes around the classic Liverpudlian voice as the famously “spiritual” Beatle sings, “If you don’t know where...

/ October 30, 2019
Mere Fidelity

From Jacob to Israel

Break out your bibles and join Alastair, Derek, and Matt for an old fashion bible study of Genesis 32:22-32, the story of Jacob’s name change. Why does Jacob demand the name of the one he wrestles? Why do later scriptures...

/ October 29, 2019

Reformation Day and the Waning of the Western Church

Reformation Day is a contested event in the church year. That this is so for Roman Christians is to be expected. That it is increasingly so for Protestants as well is lamentable. Part of the reason for that Protestant reluctance...

/ October 28, 2019

The Liberty of a Christian in a Democratic Age

Writing for the Catholic Herald, my friend Matthew Schmitz argues that the current political divide opening up in America confirms that Christian life and contemporary American ideas of liberty cannot permanently coexist. Eventually the two will come into conflict and...

/ October 23, 2019
Mere Fidelity

For and Against: Multi-site Churches

Andrew, Matt, and Derek sit down to discuss the phenomenon of multi-site churches. Andrew argues for the soundness of such an ecclesiastical practice and Matt and Derek aren’t so sure.     If you’re interested in supporting the show financially,...

/ October 22, 2019

The Joke’s on You: Why Leviathan Needs Joker

As men require a heaping dose of dreams to reconcile themselves to waking life, so too does the hulking Leviathan of society require its dreams—which are films. This fantastical notion—that films function as society’s dreams—was first heralded by a smattering...

/ October 15, 2019

There is No Wealth but Life: Rootedness in an Orphaned World

There is no wealth but life. Life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and of admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings. ~ John Ruskin “You surprise me,...

/ October 14, 2019

On The Baptist Faith and Message and Theistic Evolution

Note from Jake: On rare occasions we run anonymously published pieces. This is one such occasion. My reasoning is basically explained in the author’s post near the conclusion. The goal of publishing this isn’t to start a vicious online debate,...

/ October 11, 2019