Month: August 2018


Why Evangelicals Should Care More About Ecclesiology

By Tish Harrison Warren A significant way that evangelicalism as an historic movement formed its identity was to unite around a “gospel core” that excluded questions about ecclesiology and church governance. In his (essential!) Democratization of American Christianity, Nathan Hatch...

/ August 29, 2018

God and All Things in God: The Theology of John Webster

For a Christian it is enough to believe that the cause of created things, whether in heaven or on earth, visible or invisible, is nothing other than the goodness of the creator who is the one true God, and that...

/ August 20, 2018

On Dogmatic Virtue

By Matthew Emerson Much of the current scholarship on theological method concerns itself with prolegomena and/or with practical matters like steps, tasks, and tools. This is right and good – dogmatic inquiry requires right philosophical and theological foundations and right...

/ August 16, 2018

The Problem with Consequentialism

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but...

/ August 15, 2018

Assorted Thoughts after Revoice

The controversy surrounding Revoice meant that the surrounding questions occupied more mental space this summer than I had intended. But before I move on to prepare for my fall teaching and other responsibilities, I thought I’d add one or two...

/ August 14, 2018
Mere Fidelity

Mere Fidelity: The Weirdness of Matthew 27:51-54

It’s a weird passage. So weird that even Alastair is stumped. If you’re interested in supporting the show financially, you can check out our Patreon here. Finally, as always, follow Derek, Andrew, and Alastair for more tweet-sized brilliance. Thanks to Timothy Motte for his sound editing work. And thanks...

/ August 14, 2018

His Mercy is on them that Fear Him: What I Said at Revoice

I was honored to give the following remarks at the Spiritual Friendship pre-conference. There may be minor variations between the video and the text. I learned much from the other presenters, and especially would commend Johana Finegan’s exceptional defense of Spiritual...

/ August 2, 2018