I am the author of Earthen Vessels: Why our Bodies Matter to our Faith and The End of our Exploring:  A Book about Questioning and the Confidence of Faith The second one is forthcoming from Moody Press, and I’m very excited about it.

I’ve been writing here at Mere-Orthodoxy since 2004, which makes me something of a dinosaur online.  In recent years, I have cheated on this site with a variety of other publications and journals. It’s been a fun ride.

I am a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Institute and a graduate of Biola University and still a fan of both.  I’ve now taken up the academic life again after some eight years away from it and am pursuing an M.Phil at Oxford University in Christian Ethics.  That simply means I’m officially no fun at parties.

I am happily married to a saint, as anyone who is saddled with me must be.  My wife is the smartest person I know and a professional argument-winner.  Turns out, neither of us are much fun at parties.

But the fact about me that is perhaps most relevant to you, Dear Reader, right now is that I am the Lead Writer of this here site on the internet.  I made up the title myself, so really it just means that I’m the guy you blame when everything breaks.

I struggle to respond to all my mail, not because I am popular but because I hate email.  I do read it, though, with interest.  I may even change something based on it.  Please email me at with adulatory compliments, fawning praise, overwhelming gratitude, and maybe a gentle critique or two if you so desire.

The aforementioned list of Things I Have Written Elsewhere.


Cate MacDonald is a writer who is most interested in sanctification, vocation, the theology of the family, hospitality (both emotional and physical), and educational theory. She graduated from Biola University and the Torrey Honors Institute in 2006 with a degree in English Literature and from Talbot Theological Seminary in 2010 with an M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. Cate is the Director of The Academy at Houston Baptist University, a brand new classical education program for high schoolers. In her free time she rides horses, spends time with her friends, cooks, and reads in the hope of someday having something worthwhile to say.

To connect with Cate, email her at CateJMacDonald at gmail dot com.

Kevin White is a PhD Candidate in History at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. Kevin graduated from Biola University in 2005, earning a BA in European/Classical History and becoming a Perpetual Member of the Torrey Honors Institute. He then attended Yale Divinity School, where he earned an M.A.R. in the History of Christian Theology in 2007, and where he met his wife, Sarah.

His main fields of study are the history of biblical interpretation in the late Middle Ages and the Reformation and the history of Protestant Fundamentalism. He has strong interests in all eras of church history, and he hopes to help other Evangelicals discover the same enthusiasm for reclaiming evangelicalism’s historical roots. He is also a fan of 19th century British Literature and has probably read more Anthony Trollope novels than is entirely healthy. He is, in short, an all-around nerd with an odd sense of humor.

Kevin currently lives in St. Louis with his wife, who is a PhD student at St. Louis University. Contact him a k(dot) dub (dot) 01 at gmail (dot) com.


Stephen Carradini is a writer and musician from Oklahoma. He writes music reviews daily at Independent Clauses.

Chris Krycho

Chris Krycho is a husband and father, a Masters of Divinity student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, a software developer and web designer, a writer, a runner, and occasionally a composer, photographer, and poet. He blogs, posts and tweets about any and all of the above.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Education, Michael Sacasas received an MA in Theological Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary. He is currently a graduate student at The University of Central Florida working toward a PhD in Texts & Technology, a program focused on the interaction of culture and technology. He is especially interested in the way technologies shape embodied habits creating formative liturgies of everyday life. He has taught in a variety of settings including Belhaven University where he teaches courses in the Humanities. Apart from thinking and writing about how to live wisely and faithfully with technology, he expends unhealthy amounts of emotional energy following the NY Mets. He also blogs at The Frailest Thing and can be followed on Twitter.


James Arnold received his MA in Philosophy of Religion at Talbot School of Theology in 2013. He holds a BA in Biblical Studies from Biola University, and is a graduate and perpetual member of the Torrey Honors Institute. James manages and blogs at Evangelical Outpost on a number of subjects, including technology, theology, and hip-hop. You can keep up with him on Twitter.






Keith Miller2Keith Miller is a child of Evangelicalism. His parents were radically saved in the Charismatic renewal before he was even born. Therefore, Keith was schooled at home, memorized verses for Royal Rangers and Awana, attended multiple Carman concerts, and always wanted one of those “Go Against the Flow” t-shirts. Now, as an attorney with a J.D. from Columbia Law School, he is employed by his undergraduate alma mater, Hillsdale College. He is married and has two children. You can follow him on Twitter.



Matthew Miller is a Nebraskan-in-exile living in St. Louis. He’s a PhD candidate in English at Saint Louis University, where he teaches writing and literature classes and does research on medieval literature, rhetoric, and theory. In his nonacademic life, he listens to folk music and obsesses over heirloom tomatoes with his wife, Rachel. He also keeps a commonplace book and tweets.





As the Research Manager of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s think tank, the National Chamber Foundation, Michael Hendrix works with scholars and key stakeholders to identify and highlight emerging issues for the American business community. Hendrix coordinates NCF’s research-oriented programming, communications and publications, fellows program, and digital content creation. He oversees the writing and editing for NCF’s blog and is a contributor to

Hendrix previously served as a Program Assistant at the Center for International Private Enterprise from 2009 to 2011, where he coordinated programs to institute market-oriented reforms around the world. Hendrix is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an M.A. (Hons) in International Relations. He began his undergraduate education at the College of William & Mary as a Monroe Scholar and has pursued additional coursework at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.

Hendrix is a native of Texas and currently resides on Capitol Hill.

Brett McCracken is a Los Angeles-based writer. He is the author of Hipster Christianity: When Church & Cool Collide (Baker, 2010) and has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,, The Princeton Theological Review, Mediascape, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, Relevant, IMAGE Journal, Q Ideas and A graduate of Wheaton College (’05) and UCLA (M.A. in Cinema & Media Studies, ’08), Brett currently works as managing editor for Biola University’s Biola Magazine and is an adjunct professor of journalism at Biola. His second book–Gray Matters–is available now. In it, he explores the relationship that Christians ought to have with culture.

Connect with Brett on Twitter or email him at brett.mccracken at gmail dot com.



Jake Meador is a writer and editor from Lincoln NE. In addition to his work with Mere Orthodoxy, where he writes for the main page and curates the Notes section, Jake is also an editor with Fare Forward, the creator of the soccer magazine The Inside Channel, and serves on the board of the Davenant Trust, a non-profit dedicated to promoting reformed scholarship and ressourcement. His work has been published in First Things, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, Front Porch Republic, and the University Bookman. He has a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is currently working on an MTS degree at Calvin Theological Seminary.

loftus CT headshot(1)Matthew Loftus lives with his wife Maggie and his daughter Naomi in Baltimore, where they are blessed to be a part of New Song Community Church. He works as a family doctor at Healthcare for the Homeless Baltimore City and is currently support raising to teach and practice medicine overseas in service of the local church. He also writes songs, poems, and fiction of various lengths. If any of these things interest you further, you can feel free to contact him through his personal blog, follow him on Twitter @matthew_loftus, or just swing by his house the next time you’re in Charm City.